showroom 1Our new showroom is still taking shape. A month after we were hoping for completion and we’re still waiting!! Why? because we’re just too busy making beautiful stone worktops for all our wonderful clients.  So unfortunately our showroom has had to take a back seat for another couple of weeks.  This hasn’t stopped anyone from visiting though and although the showroom leaves a lot to be desired at the moment we have still been able to provide the very best in customer service to everyone that’s come along.

The photo of the ‘not quite finished’ Platinum White Diamond Silestone table top also shows a brief glimpse of our varied selection of sensational natural stone floor tiles.  In the photo you are able to see walnut and cream honed and filled travertine and also polished Antalya white limestone.  There is an extensive range of both natural stone and porcelain tiles for both floors and walls to be found in the showroom.  If you need some inspiration come and see us soon.