piracemaComing into our yard next week is this cheeky little number all the way from Brazil! (not quite Paraguay but close enough) Piracema is the name given to the time of the year when the fish in the Paraguay river drainage basin swim upstream in order to lay eggs and reproduce.  Now, that’s an interesting fact! Piracema granite is not only interesting but also incredibly beautiful.  With swirls and eddies of light and colour this granite is almost a river in itself.  There is a wealth of grey and pale lilac shades with flashes of silver running through the stone, it’s almost as if the silver scales of the fish can be glimpsed in the stone.  Never has a granite been more aptly named.  This lovely stone would grace traditional oak cabinets but would look equally at home on a high gloss white or pale grey.  This one definitely wont be around for long!!