Azul Noche (275 x 164 cm)A new arrival to our Plymouth yard this week is this beautiful Azul Noce granite with a coral finish.  There are now many different finishes being applied to granites as we find that our clients are seeking alternatives to polished stones.  A popular choice is honed which gives a matt look to the stone.  Honed black granite is very popular for both work surfaces and fire hearths as it gives the look of slate but with the resilience of granite.

But, I digress!!!! Back to our lovely coral finish – this finish gives a combination of both a polished and honed look but the stone is also textured so becoming very touch feely.  The harder areas of the stone are enhanced to give a three dimensional effect.  This works particularly well on stones with larger quartz pieces as in the case of this lovely blue stone.  Azul Noce also has soft greys and creams which lend themselves to any type of kitchen cabinet.  Available to view now, why not pop in and see for yourself.  The kettle’s always on!